Scoil Phádraig 1882 – 2008

School: Dore; ESTB 1882
Parish: Tullaghabegly
Roll No: 4741

The above is from the school register for the 19th century.

The educational system at the time was through the medium of English although, the pupils and their parents spoke only in their native Gaelic language.

On the 2nd July, 1907 Patrick Pearse returned to Donegal and on his tour of the county he visited Dore N.S. The children of fourth standard were spelling out the sentence ,”The verdant hue of the spring has faded giving place to the rich exuberance of summer”. However, except for the words “Spring” and “Summer”, no one had the remotest idea what the rest of the sentence meant!

Pearse later commented, “These children could write, spell, parse and analyse the English of their reader but they did not understand it and Dore was typical of other schools of Gweedore.

A couple of years later when the free state was established, this system was discontinued and by the year 1927 the children’s names were written in Gaelic and the school was renamed Scoil Phádraig Dhobhair.

1882 – 1932

The building where the old school house was built is now Bríd Doogan’s house. Hugh Doogan – Bríd’s father- bought the old school house and renovated the building to become his residential home from 1932. The new school was built close to the old school – where it remains until this day – and it was opened in 1934.

There is local knowledge of some of the teachers who taught in the school from its establishment ; i.e., An Dubhaltach Chonchubhair, Seán Mhicheáil Árais Ó Dubhgáin, Aodh Ó Gallachóir, Cáit Bn. Uí Grianna (neefox), Aodh Ó Dubhgáin and his wife Máire An Ghabha.


Two schools were amalgamated with scoil Phádraig. Thorr N.S was amalgamated with Scoil Phádraig in 1968 and Dunlewey N.S in 1978.

Scoil Phádraig was renovated in 1989 to accommodate the increasing pupil numbers and a further modern building was added in 2008.

Famous past pupils:

Clannad and Enya: The name Clannad means the family from Dore (Clannn As Dobhar). Aodh Ó Dubhgáin who was principal in the school is the father/ grand father of this group and grand father of Enya. Some of the Clannad groups members are the offspring’s of Leo and Baba Breannan. They above named singers are all famous former pupils.

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