Poisoned Glen

At the end of Dunlewey lake, between the sweeping forests of the Guinness estate and in the wake of Errigal lies the ever so lovely, but ominously named Poisoned Glen.

Poisoned Glen was originally known by the local people as Heavenly Glen. Unfortunately an error was made by an English cartographer during translation when he confused the Gaelic word for Heaven (neamh) with the word for poison (neimhe). Sadly, one of Ireland’s most beautiful places is now known as Poisoned Glen.

The old church (circa 1830), built of locally quarried white marble, and abandoned years ago stands solitary, by Dunlewey Lake.


Driving off of the mountain toward Dunlewey on the R251 you will see Poisoned Glen on your left. Take the first left turn just as you come down the hill toward Dunlewey. Driving toward the mountain on the R251 drive through Dunlewey and then take the only turn to the right. Poisoned Glen is at the bottom of a steep winding residential road.

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