We received this poem from Francis X. Reilly



In Dungloe, county Donegal,
in a pub called Irish Eyes,
I met the only girl I’ll ever love.
And though I only met her once,
and we’ll never meet again,
my sweet Maureen is all I’m dreaming of.
Well we danced that night in Irish Eyes
when the band played, “Fare Thee Well-”
and we danced once more to
“Angels Never Cry;”

and when that song had ended
she reached up and kissed my cheek-
then squeezed my hand and softly said goodbye.
“Don’t leave, Maureen,” I said to her,
“for the night has just begun-
and I notice there’s a sadness in your eyes.”
“A wistful look…just that,” she said,
“but I must get back tonight
and remember, love, an angel never cries.”
And with those words, she disappeared-
she was there and then was gone;
and I sat there feeling utterly alone.
In Dungloe, county Donegal,
in a pub called Irish Eyes,
I lost the only love I’ve ever known.
Now twenty years have come and gone,
and we’ve never met again;
and I wonder where that Irish lass calls home.
Well it seems I’ll never really know,
but she haunts my dreams at night-
and I wonder, Joe…
where Irish angels roam.


                                                                                                Francis X. Reilly Copyright 2014