Donegal Tales by Anthony Deeney

Seamus O’Flynn buys a dog in a Dublin pub, soon to discover that he is only a part-time sheepdog; the other half of the time he is really a scientist working on relativity theory! Nothing unusual there really…

-Oh, (we nearly forgot) no one can hear the dog speak, no one except O’Flynn of course, and he’s not for telling a soul what’s going on at all.

Donegal Tales are the adventures of Seamus and Fergal, who live in rural Ireland amidst a dark and surreal world inhabited by leprechauns, strange animals and even stranger people, -all with a story to tell.

The dialogue between the two characters is killer blarney wit, littered with Œin jokes¹, featuring a lot of wisecracking from Fergal and aided by the unconscious comedian that is Seamus O’Flynn. O’Flynn, as we soon find out, is no ordinary man. Then again, Fergal (himself), is certainly no ordinary dog.

The book, published by Tír Chonaill
is available at www.anthonydeeney.com